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The 79x1 phones are also compatible with the proprietary/pre-standard POE implementation used by the 79x0 phones.From the factory Cisco 7900 series phones come with SCCP ("skinny") firmware installed, so you will need to procure and install the necessary SIP firmware.Power Dsine PD-3001) that delivers power through the Ethernet cable.POE offers a single cable solution, but may potentially result in lower audio quality (most corporate installations of these phones use POE), though configuring dynamic DNS is outside the scope of this write up.The value As many as 11 characters to show in the upper right of the phone's display, if not set it defaults to the value of the name setting for the lowest number line button (i.e.You should be able to talk Cisco support into providing access to the SIP firmware on a one-time basis by explaining that the phone is useless to you without it.

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Both models appear to support three simultaneous SIP streams/channels/calls IANAL, but it is technically possible to use a "spare" part (e.g.Hello, Someone can help me to figure out why some IP Phones 7911 & 7942 are not loading correctly the file that permit the phone is in Spanish.